Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Protecting Cambridge's Uniqueness

In the Cambridge news today is a story about the Station area development http://bit.ly/9HFZMQ . I am absolutely supportive of regenerating this area of Cambridge, and I am also supportive of supplying much needed housing in Cambridge too. But not at any cost.

The big problem I have with this is how unimaginative it is. It was already, quite rightly, sent back to come up with something more fitting. Is this really the best that can be dreamt up? Apparently the planning bosses asked for something that would 'set new standards of architectural excellence'. And this is it!

Cambridge is an absolutely beautiful City, that despite some grave errors by designers of the past has managed to keep it's uniqueness, in the most part. But this design will not help one bit. There are brilliant examples of modern buildings built to fit in with Victorian surroundings, but generally they are not glass boxes. I am a fan of some modern architecture, but it has it's place, and I am not sure the station area of Cambridge is the right place...

I truly hope that the Planners look at this and suggest they try again. Perhaps a few visits to other Cities in the UK and Europe that have managed to regenerate but keep their character. Some of the regeneration completed in Europe is simply fantastic, we should demand this standard of architecture, and nothing less.

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