Sunday, September 5, 2010

Being a local person

Today I saw a copy of the latest Lib Dem leaflet. It is a very cynical leaflet trying to persuade everybody that I am not local, and that being local is the most important thing.

Having worked with Lib Dems for a number of years, they really let themselves down sometimes. The big problem here is they put out a leaflet without checking any facts at all. The leaflet just attacks me and says very little else.

I used to live in Chesterton, way before Mr. Manning did. I set up a business in Cambridge. I only moved out of Cambridge/Chesterton because of the need for a house that would fit my family, which as most people know, is very difficult to afford in Cambridge. So I moved to Cottenham but I continue to run a business in Cambridge, providing jobs for local people.

The biggest issue here though, is the distinct lack of any policies or ideas on how to make Cambridge a better place. I have asked many residents if they feel East Chesterton gets a fair deal. Very unsurprisingly the vast majority feel like they don't. People have spoken about the anti social driving and that it has gone on for years - so what have the Councillors that have represented East Chesterton done about it? Residents have spoken to me about Bus services that have not given them the service they need or want for years, so what did the Councillors of East Chesterton do about it? There may have been leaflets about it and how bad the County Council are etc. But have they actually achieved anything?

The people of East Chesterton need and want representation that does more than just throw a questionnaire about and then print some leaflets telling the residents what they already know. They need someone who will listen to them and go about getting some change for them. Something they have sadly not had for a very long time.

Yes I was a Councillor before for Cottenham, Histon and Oakington, and I did make some mistakes, but I also got a lot of stuff right. My track record for sorting local issues out was good. I achieved a lot as a County Councillor, but I could have done more. I know where I made those mistakes and have learned from them but I also know how to achieve success too. That is what I will bring to every single resident of East Chesterton.

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