Thursday, August 26, 2010

Too Many Street Signs

Too Many Street Signs

So today Eric Pickles has spoken of his wish for local authorities to use less street signs. Whilst I agree 100% with this ideal, and do think that we have a ridiculous system of signs in this Country, haven't we heard this before somewhere???

This was raised by Labour as something that needed tackling, something else they failed to sort out... In September 2008 the Labour Government launched a total review of signage in the UK. This in itself is quite interesting because they had bought the legislation in that now needed reviewing so soon after. The document supporting this review can be found at- ,-if your interested?

The most relevant part of the review was:

(iii) reduce traffic signing

This is a cross-cutting objective and the three working groups will consider how to provide less signing. The road user information group is, for example, exploring whether in-car technology can reduce the need for directional signing in the long term. The environment working group is paying particular attention to reducing unnecessary signing and the associated traffic sign infrastructure.

What happened to this review and consultation? Why has Mr. Pickles had to raise it's ugly head again, although he is dead right to do so? It beggars belief that we had a Government for so long that just reviewed things. I remember hearing David Cameron have a really good pop at Gordon Brown about how many reviews he had ordered since becoming Prime Minister. Well it didn't stop there. What happened to all these reviews? It was just his way of dodging the issue. Thanks god he has gone.

Only this week we say an article about the new 20mph zone in Cambridge- - this is a clear example of the law being daft and forcing Local Authorities to have too many signs, many of which are confusing.

I believe very strongly in allowing local people to shape their area. I do not believe the State should be the interfering busy body it has been for the last 13 years. There clearly needs to be loads of changes to legislation to enable Local Authorities shape their areas as the residents want them shaped. We just need it to happen, which I think it will this time... One thing I like about Eric Pickles is he is always like a terrier, and generally gets things sorted.

Incidentally they were looking at sign proliferation in Scotland 4 years ago - - I really don't know if they got on and did all this stuff, but I'll take a look next time I'm up there.

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